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Situated in Lexington, SC, Sun Kitchen Cabinets LLC has a captivating origin story. It all began when José, our founder, set foot in the US in 1988, looking for fresh opportunities. Despite encountering numerous challenges, José’s unwavering confidence and determination remained.

Up until 2017, when José finally planted roots in South Carolina and founded Sun Kitchen Cabinets. A company that takes pride in offering services that go beyond just cabinets, crafting comprehensive solutions that breathe new life into homes and transform lives.


At Sun Kitchen Cabinets, we’re committed to providing high-quality cabinet solutions. Our dedication to custom service, clear communication, and fast deliveries sets us apart.


Be recognized as leaders in the cabinet industry, celebrated not only for our unmatched quality but also for our commitment to exceptional customer service.


Quality, Empathy, Professionalism, Efficiency, Inovation, Agility, Commitment

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